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Color Basics

Congratulations on your first step to learning colour at the University of Wizards. This One of a kind speed learning course. This brand new method of learning is based on visual forms of stimulation to effectively acquire this information.


  • Understand keywords of a colour and its basic element
  • Clearly define the differences in color
  • Basic colour theory
  • Find out your physiological and emotional qualities in a colour set
  • Open up a connection with your colour.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the ability to:  

  • Principles of colour theory
  • Explore colour as a Major Component
  • Intensity of colour
  • Light measurement
  • RGB addictive and CMYK subtractive
  • Cool and warm
  • Primary, square, complementary, triad, analogous and tetradic
  • Connect your colour with your number, horoscope and day of the week
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Logo Brands, Graphic Design, Symbolism, Energy, Chakras, 
Basic Color Theory and more.
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Learn about Colour in 10 minutes.

Find out your physiological and emotional qualities in a colour set with this exciting 10 minute speed course on colour.

DateDecember 2020TopicBasic Colour TheoryDifficultyEasySpeed10 MinutesSize8.5 x 11Download PDFYesShare